Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Phil Johnson: How can we tell if our repentance is enough?

Ever wonder if you really repented, and it keeps you up at night?  If so this post from Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson will be of interst to you.

How Can We Tell If Our Repentance Is Deep Enough? by Phil Johnson

I recently received an e-mail from a gentleman who described his faith as fragile. He said the first time he heard the gospel (from some people doing street witnessing!) the immediate emotional impact was profound. There in the open air he acknowledged his guilt; he trusted Christ for forgiveness; he was later baptized; and he has ministered in his church ever since in a behind-the-scenes servant's role. But now, some six years after his conversion, he said his sense of contrition feels as if it has diminished somewhat. When he sins, he isn't always moved by the same profound sense of sorrow he felt at the first. He wonders if he has taken the promise of forgiveness too much for granted. Could it be that he was never truly saved? Questions such as those were keeping him awake nights, and he asked for my candid opinion.

This was my response:

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