Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Biggest Question Promo

Questions and Answers

What is “The Biggest Project”?
A Worldwide distribution of “The Biggest Question” DVD to college/high school campuses, churches, fairs and other large venues.

What is the goal of this project?
To educate, inform, and alert as many individuals as possible to the most important truth on earth: who they are, who God is and how they can be reconciled to Him.

How will this be accomplished?
In two ways.
1. Through Wretched Teams that will consist of Wretched listeners (like YOU) who will be strategically located all around the world.
2. By financial giving. This is huge. Giving=Give-away(s)!
How can I give financially to support this effort?
lick HERE to support this.
How can I help?
You can either purchase your own copies of “The Biggest Question” or partner with us so that we can make it available to others. Please keep this effort in prayer.
How can I lead a team of people to pass out The Biggest Question in my area? I have at least 7 committed people that will do this with me and I want to help!
Email your name, state, the church that you attend (include your pastor’s name and contact information) and closest big city that you live by, to
How can I volunteer to help a team pass out DVD’s?
We will be opening up this opportunity possibly later down the road, so tune in to Wretched to find out more details and keep checking back on this page.
Help spread the word... Please like us or follow us today!

For more on this and other topics, see archives.First time here? Please read "Don't trust a word I say" in the archives, for details on the beliefs of this ministry.

Wretched TV: Have you broken the law?

When do we follow the Old Testament Laws? Todd Friel of Wretched Radio/TV answers. Go to Wretched Radio You Tube for more....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Phil Johnson: How can we tell if our repentance is enough?

Ever wonder if you really repented, and it keeps you up at night?  If so this post from Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson will be of interst to you.

How Can We Tell If Our Repentance Is Deep Enough? by Phil Johnson

I recently received an e-mail from a gentleman who described his faith as fragile. He said the first time he heard the gospel (from some people doing street witnessing!) the immediate emotional impact was profound. There in the open air he acknowledged his guilt; he trusted Christ for forgiveness; he was later baptized; and he has ministered in his church ever since in a behind-the-scenes servant's role. But now, some six years after his conversion, he said his sense of contrition feels as if it has diminished somewhat. When he sins, he isn't always moved by the same profound sense of sorrow he felt at the first. He wonders if he has taken the promise of forgiveness too much for granted. Could it be that he was never truly saved? Questions such as those were keeping him awake nights, and he asked for my candid opinion.

This was my response:

Click here to continue reading:

For more on this and other topics, see archives. First time here? Please read "Don't trust a word I say" in the archives, for details on the beliefs of this ministry.


Pass the Word
As many of you may know, Kirk’s recent stance for traditional marriage on the Piers Morgan Tonight show, has set off a media firestorm.  In addition, many leading celebrities have taken to the air and cyberspace in order to criticize Kirk for merely exercising his freedom of speech when asked a question about his personal beliefs during this television interview.  In contrast to that, we want to commend Kirk for his courage in respectfully speaking the truth and standing up for the standards of God’s timeless Word. 
We want to encourage you to pass the word on to your pastors and Christian leaders, encouraging them to speak up in support of Kirk’s right to communicate openly and honestly about Scriptural truth.
And you can show your support by registering to view Kirk’s new movie, Monumental. 

For more information

Monday, March 5, 2012

American Life League Exposes Planned Parenthood Agenda | Cup of Joe

 Link of the day...This is so unbelievable, but must be exposed.  Your tax dollars at work desensitizing your children.

American Life League Exposes Planned Parenthood Agenda | Cup of Joe

 WARNING: Video Contains Sexual Images Not Suitable For Children.  Click on above link to view.

 The America Life League’s video exposé of Planned Parenthood called “Hooking Kids on S**” was pulled from YouTube because of an ex-intern who worked at Planned Parenthood.
ALL, however, has posted “Hooked on S** II.” The new video reveals how in 1969, Planned Parenthood planned an official policy of restructuring the family, promoting forced abortions, and encouraging increased homos**uality.

According to ALL Executive Director Paul Rondeau: “Even people who thought they knew better were shocked by how Planned Parenthood promotes s** to youngsters.”
Planned Parenthood uses pornographic images, contests, cartoons and workshops to encourage s**ual activity at very early ages when sexual addiction can begin.
Rondeau notes: “Obamacare is structured to guarantee that Planned Parenthood will put this in K-12 schools. So, of course, Planned Parenthood will now deny its strategy is to restructure the family by changing how children view s**.”

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Submerging Church (Official DVD Trailer-LONG)

Above is a preview of the new DVD from Pastor Joe Schimmel warning the church about the Emergent Church movement.

Here is a link to his new website on the same subject matter.