Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You might be in a Relevant Church if...

You might be in a Relevant Church if your service is like this. A Relevant Church is more about tugging at your heart strings, and less about the real truths of the Bible. So beware, if your church looks like this, I would be cautious of what is coming from the pulpit.



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Tuesday, July 13, 2010



I recommend that you read all of these scriptures. It will give you a good overview of the occult.

Exodus  7:11-12 (Secret arts)
20:3-5 (Supernatural experiences outside of God)
22:18 (Punishable by death)
Zechariah  10:2 (Harlotry brought from Egypt)
Leviticus 18:10-26 (Forbidden practices)
29:16,31 (Occultism and spiritually defiling)
20:6,27 (Punishable by death)
Malachi  3:5-6 (God does not change)
Numbers 33:52 (Destroy the inhabitants and idols) Matthew  17:10-13 (Elijah not reincarnated)
Deuteronomy 5:7-9 (Previous generations)
7:25-26 (Abomination to God)
11:16-17 (Poor crops)
18:9-12 (Magic practices - spiritism)
29:27 (Hidden knowledge)
31:17 (Many evils and troubles)
32:16-25 (Continual inward fears)
Acts  8:9 (Simon practiced magic)
15:29 (Meat sacrificed to idols)
16:16-18 (Divination - fortune telling)
19:19 (Break heathen images)
I Samuel 15:22-23 (Witchcraft)
28 (Necromancy - seance)
31:4 (Suicide)
I Corinthians  6:9-10 (Idolaters go to Hell)
10:20 (Provokes the Lord to jealousy)
12 (True spiritual gifts)
II Kings 1:1-4 (Advises your life.)
17:17 (Enchantments - divination - wizardry)
21:5-6 (Burned son as offering.)
23:10-15 (Destroyed idol worship)
II Corinthians  4:4 (Satan is god of this world)
I Chronicles 10:13-14 (Communication with the dead) Galatians  5:19-21 (Shall not inherit the kingdom of God)
6:7 (God is not mocked)
II Chronicles 28:1-4 (Abominable practices of the nations)
33:6 (Enchantments - witchcraft)
Ephesians  5:5,11-12 (Have no fellowship with darkness)
6:10-18 (Stand against wiles of devil)
Psalms 106:24-31 (Worshipped Baal of Peor) I Timothy  4:1 (Doctrines of demons)
Proverbs 3:5-7 (Fortune telling)
28:13 (Covereth his sins)
II Timothy  3:8 (Men opposed the truth)
Isaiah 2:6 (Diviners - soothsayers - strike hands)
8:17-19 (Communication with the dead)
19:3 (Put a spell upon)
47:9,12-13 (Predicts the future)
James  1:5 (Ask God for wisdom)
4:7 (Resist the devil)
Jeremiah 10:2 (Prognostication - observing times)
27: 9-10 (Enchantments - divination)
29:8 (Fortune telling)
II Peter  2:1 (Damnable heresies)
Ezekiel 23:37 (Committed adultery with idols) I John  5:21 (Meat sacrificed to idols)
Daniel 1:20 (Enchantments - astrology)
2 (Astrology)
4 (Astrology)
5:7-12 (Prognostication - observing times)
Revelation  9:20-21 (Worshipping demons and idols)
21:8 (Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone)
22:15 (Who loves and practices falsehood)
Hosea 4:6 (Lack of knowledge)

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For more on this and other topics, see archives.
First time here? Please read "Don't trust a word I say!" in the archives.