Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is the candy coated pop music safe for our kids? What message does neutral music deliver?

I have slightly strayed from my original intent of this blog in recent weeks (exposing false teachers within the church).  But as my son grows up, and I hear what it popular with the third graders at his private Christian school (such as Bakugans, Guitar Hero and Rockband), I feel obligated to continue to expose the darkness with in the pop culture that affects your children's worldview.  As you watch the video below, be thinking about the message that is seductively being  conveyed to your child as they listen to the message in their music or Guitar Hero over and over and over...   Please parents wake up to Satan's tricks. It's much more than just a game. Click on the label:  Guitar Hero for more.


PS: Before moving on, I want to make a disclaimer:  This blog is intended for believers in Jesus Christ to wake up. If you have stumbled upon this post and are not a believer; A) You are welcome here anytime, and if you don't know the Gospel, please see the links above or email me.  B) I do not expect you to understand why Christians see these things as evil.  I understand how you would think that what we call "dark" or "evil" in entertainment is normal if you do not believe in Christ.  I used to believe the same way.  In fact, many professed Christians would agree with you, and that is my target audience.  Dear Christian parent, I understand this can be a "grey" area for the Christian.   I don't think you or your child are Hell bound if you own Bakugan's, or listen to secular music, or watch movies based on the occult. I do however believe that we as believers can do better, and my prayer is that once you understand what scripture says about these things that you may find better choices for you and your childs entertainment.  If once you understand that God hates what the occult stands for and you choose to continue making it a steady diet of your free time,  then I would say there is cause for concern and would suggest examining yourself to see if you are truly in the faith.  Please see this article on unconscious learning as well as other articles from Berit Kjos on this subject. You can also click on the label: Occult below for other posts.



Hell's Bells Neutral Music Part 1

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Hell's Bells Neutral Music Part 1

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