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Is Bakugan evil? Does it have occult ties?-Part 2

  If you haven't read Bakugan is it Evil pt.1,  please read it first here.

I have done a little reverse investigating on the makers of Bakugans. It appears these guys are obsessed with the occult. Here is some of what I found. Things I want to highlight from their information will be in bold black. My comments -although sometimes sarcastic-are in bold red).

Bakugan Battle Brawlers , is a Japanese action adventure[1] anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto. Mitsuo Hashimoto (橋本 みつお, Hashimoto Mitsuo?) is a Japanese storyboard artist and director of television, OVA, and film anime.

Here are some of the other "childrens games" that  Mr. Hashimoto has been involved with:

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children (2000-2001, storyboards, director (as Tachibana))

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Black Book/Red Book/White Book

Each game features a different Devil Child, a child who is half demon, half human. The humans collect monsters (who speak human language, like in Digimon). The game takes place in a place called Makai in modern Japan, like most Megami Tensei games. The Devil Riser holds their partner demon(仲魔(Nakama, a pun on the word "仲間", replacing the character "間", meaning "interval, relationship", with "魔", meaning "demon").

Then it gets worse...check out this game that is available for our children's gameboys and DS systems through the makers of Bakugan.

DemiKids: Light and Dark Versions 
Does the Pentagram symbol on the cover of this game look familiar?  

Here is a definition on the pentagram:  Satanists use a pentagram with two points up, often inscribed in a double circle, with the head of a goat inside the pentagram. This is referred to as the Sigil of Baphomet. They use it much the same way as the Pythagoreans, as Tartaros literally translates from Greek as a "Pit" or "Void" in Christian terminology (the word is used as such in the Bible, referring to the place where the fallen angelsHebrew letters לויתן forming the name Leviathan. Less esoteric LaVeyan Satanists use it as a sign of rebellion or religious identification, the three downward points symbolising rejection of the holy Trinity.

Take a closer look at a lot of the children's games, and you'll see pentegrams and other occult symbols hidden, and often blatantly all over the place.

Back to the game description:

"Defeat an army of demons...? No one said 6th grade would be easy!"

Based on the best-selling Shin Megami Tensei series in Japan, DemiKids: Light and Dark comes to your GameBoy Advance!

Choose between the player friendly Light Version or the darker and more challenging, Dark Version. The darker...meaning more demonic.

No matter which one you choose, you'll be in for the adventure of a lifetime!

"DemiKids (both Light and Dark Versions) are what the last Pokemon entries should have been...DemiKids is a must-buy."
- Game Informer

  Rated E for Everyone  E for Everyone?...are you kidding me?

Key Features:

  What I found interesting here, is that the bullet points they used were more inverted pentagrams-they wouldn't copy and paste, but they can be seen here

  •   Collect over 350 demons by using the special fusion system! Unlock stronger ones by trading with a different version!
  •   Demon fusion system allows for hundreds of combinations. Create new demons or make existing ones stronger!
  •   Avoid battles and even gain new allies by negotiating with the demonic denizens of Valhalla.   Wow...collecting demons, making them stronger and negotiating with them?
The Fusion System
Each version of DemiKids uses a unique fusion system. Special fusions known as Relic Fusions and Skill Fusions can be performed in either version. While in the Dark Version you will be able to increase the parameters of all party members, in the Light Version you will only be able to increase those of your Partner, the guardian demon that accompanies you.

Demon Appearances
While some of the demons available in each title will overlap, certain ones will be unique to either the Light or Dark Version. Furthermore, the circumstances under which the demons are encountered may also vary. For gamers who wish to use the demon-recruiting aspect of the game to its fullest capacity, linking systems will be an exciting way to enhance their assortment of demon allies.  

Allies???  The Bible says the Devil can appear as an angel of light (as in a children's game or any other "seemingly" harmless form of entertainment.)

Click here   to see the demon images with names such as Lucifer, Belial and Abaddon, that our kids can "play" with that are put out by these guys.  

Folks, it's more than just a game. At best, it puts demonic images in our children's minds and makes them look like the "good" guys, and at worst it could lead to your child becoming more interested in occult activities.  Believe me it happens.

Please click on the Occult label below for more related articles.


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Anonymous said...

My 7 year old son came under spiritual attack by a demon recently. We have been searching for what door we gave this demon to enter our home. One of the possibilites we came up with is his bakugan collection. When he started bringing them home from school friends, I let him buy some. I had a vague feeling that the name seemed evil, and the pictures on the box seemed evil, but I ignore this prompting from God. Since the attacks began, I threw the whole collection in the trash, and I will never again be so careless as to let my children buy toys without researching them first myself.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, I stumbled across this blog by accident, and this post caught my eye. I too am a Christian, and I think it's great that you are trying to help people discern between good and bad in the entertainment they choose for themselves or their kids.

Having said that, I do think it's prudent to ask whether or not you are really using you're time most effectively in this pursuit. How many kids are actually exposed to "Bakugan"? How many of those are likely to ever come across your website? Don't get me wrong; of course even just one person turned away from harmful things is a very good thing....

But, there are much more dangerous forces at work in our culture than this. The Da Vinci Code, for example. (In case you don't know, the Da Vinci Code is a fiction story whose main point is to (SPOILER) "reveal" that Christ was not God and that Mary Magdallene was a sort of proto-femminist martyr whose true role as the "wife of Christ" was hidden by greedy, chauvanist church fathers who wanted to use Christ's life to advance their political agendas). This book is one of the best selling books ever.

What about the high profile attacks on religious belief itself coming from the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens? Compared to the influence of the Da Vinci Code, these guys are nothing. Compared to the influence of "Bakugan", however, they're like the Atlantic Ocean.

This comment is meant kindly, as I said before, I'm glad you're using some of your time to warn others about things that may do them spiritual harm. I just want to suggest (in charity), that you consider focusing on larger issues.

Chris Shanks said...


I appreciate your kind comments, and truly understand your point on the "larger issues". In fact this blog started out exposing those type issues (mainly from within the church). I have articles from the emergent church, false prophets to Oprah-anity. I also have links to Ray Comforts site and books that dismantle Dawkins views quite nicely.

But it's when I started studying the New Age movement and how it was infiltrating the church, that I started realizing the effect it has on our children. They are being brain washed every Saturday morning through occultic symbolism. I have seen kids so obsessed with these pok-e-mon and bakugan games that it's all they care about. If you watch the show, it leads you to websites that get into the darker side of the occult. In other words it's a kiddy gateway to the occult that is not being addressed enough. Look around...what are kids wearing these days? The t-shirts are dark and about death. Skulls, blood etc...How many shows are now about ghosts and the spirit world. The top movies all involve magic and sorcery (which is forbidden by God). So these toys/tv shows are like starter kits for the kids. I've received emails that confirm this many times over.

Believe me, I agree that the Dawkins and Da Vinci Code are extremely important to expose. And the good news is that they have been. There are several great books that do that well.

But having a son and working with kids in my church I see the need to expose these sugar coated occult games as well as the demonic lyrics that are now being pushed on our 6-18 year old's through Guitar Hero and Rock Band. There simply isn't enough online about these issues which are very large in scale. I have started a new blog that isn't published yet to focus on these things, and I do plan on coming back to this one and will do articles on your suggestion. I just a lady at church as me about the Da Vinci code and plan on sending her some information, so your suggestion has reminded me about that...thank you again for your comments.


Laketa McKinney said...

I read the post by Anonymous about their being bigger fish to fry. I am so glad you have this page. I do not know anything about Bakugan, but I do not allow Anime in my home, as a rule. My 6th grader came home today and asked could he join a Bakugan club at school. I gave him the hard no, but then decided it would be better to give an educated response, since peer pressure is involved. I needed my son to actually UNDERSTAND this no. lol. Havng said that, your site was ranked high on the search engine, and I know it was the leading of the Lord.
This was the priority for me and my son. I can give him an educated no, and SHOW him Christian parents who feel the same way and gve him this site for as a tool for his own witnessing. Now he can give his friends and educated My Mom said no, but this is why! Thank You a million times over. I will be using your site very much. It helps to have help.

Chris Shanks said...


Thank you so much! Good for you, showing your son the WHY these games are not good for him. When we scold or punish our children without the WHY then they will find a way around your rules. But when they understand that they have sinned (or in this case playing a game that is not pleasing to God) then it becomes another story. Might I suggest Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp. This book is probably the best when it comes to raising a child Biblically. Keep up the good work and look for more on Anime, Bakugan and pop culture. I have started a new blog that will strictly address pop culture. You can link to it from the top of this site.

Take care and let me know how he and/or his friends react.



PS: I am assuming that you read part one of this two part article. It has WAY more information than part two. Just in case you haven't, it's loaded with more info and links. -Thanks

Janet said...

My five year old son owns Bakugan's. He enjoys the creative way that they open with magnets etc. We do not allow him to watch the program. I noticed the pentagram symbol on one of them and began using a black marker to fill it in. Then I became more concerned and I prayed over them with some close family members, just to be safe. Now my family feels that I should remove them from my home altogether and burn them. They believe them to be a gateway for demonic forces. Are prayers enough to protect my child from the possibility of demonic influences or do I need to dispose of them? I have spoken to my son about the devil star and why we must cover it up with a marker and he understands. He has recently asked Jesus into his heart. Doesn't God say that the demons can not physically harm us if we are saved? My husband feels that all of this is superstition and doesn't want to get rid of the toys. What is a mom to do?

Chris Shanks said...


I am glad you felt the need to cover up the Satanic symbol, that was a good start. If it "feels" bad or wrong, then it probably is. Don't go against that. That's probably the Holy Spirit nudging you. If we ignore that then next time it will get easier and easier. Anyhow, a lot can be said about your post. I will do my best and may have to continue later (time is limited at the moment). Yes I think they should be out of the house. That is what we did once we realized what they were about. My son actually took his BB gun and shot at them first and then he was allowed to destroy them in various ways. With that said, you don't want to cause a problem with your husband. I can't tell you much without more info on him, but if he is a believer, then I would show him the demonic activity in the Bible to show that this is not superstition. On the other hand I do not think everything that mas dark symbolism on it automatically allows demons in your home. Some Christians would disagree. I would stand firm on the fact that one who is saved CANNOT be demon possessed. The Bible makes that clear. However, Paul was throttled by Satan as were others and I do believe that he and his minions can cause problems to a believer. My suggestion is to put on the Full Armor of God. Go to this site and click on armor of god on the left hand side. And read some of her other related articles.

Now one point I would like to make is this. We don't "ask Jesus into our hearts" to be saved. I realize that this is only semantics, so please don't get me wrong. I am not questioning anyones faith. But that language wasn't used until recent years. True salvation comes from repentance and faith. WE repent from our sins, and HE accepts us. PLEASE PLEASE click on the icon Hell's Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversion at the bottom of the site and listen to Ray Comfort explain what I mean. I would also share it with your husband. It's free and it changed me and my families life, because I now understand Biblical Christianity, not what most of todays church is teaching. I will be praying for you and your family, and please let me know what you decide to do. Feel free to email me in private with any questions at



Anonymous said...


Thank you for your investigation of Bakugan. As a very concerned parent, I try and educate my family and my self, about the hidden darkness in movies, toys and so on. As the Lord guides me and my husband on raising our children, we have had to remove things from our home and life, that weren't worth opening ourselves up to the enemy.

The Word of God tells us to, "Abstain from every form of evil." 1 Thessalonians 5:22. It is VERY important to weed out anything evil, toys, music, movies, books, no matter how big or seemingly small. That is how satan works, through very small cracks and will take over if we aren't diligent to get him out.
I just wanted to commend you and the message you're getting out, there are people whose lives will be changed for the good because of this information!

God bless you!! Jill

Chris Shanks said...


Thank you so much for the you can see from other comments from this and the other Bakugan article, they aren't always encouraging. You are so right, it doesn't take much to open the door to a dark scary road. Please keep up the good fight yourself and warn other parents. Most evangelicals are so Bible illiterate that they have no clue as to what the Bible says concerning the occult, thanks to the man-centered church growth movement. The attitude of "let's be like the world, so the world will like Jesus" has failed and has done nothing but put false converts in the seats, which in turn brings in a ton of worldly ideas into God's house. Sorry-I didn't mean to stray from topic, but a lot of the problems we have in the American church start with a high view of man and a low view of God coming from the pulpit. We need pastors of old to preach the truth so the congregation is Bible literate. Jill thanks again for the encouragement. God bless you and your family!


Patrick said...

In response to Anonymous's comment above, I think the time taken to compile this blog post was *very* worthwhile. Chris I'm thankful for your research and work into this. Here in the UK Bakugan is becoming the latest craze for 5 year olds and up. My boy wants 'em, and wants 'em now! I'm very glad I found this page. Beyond this, just reviewing the content on YouTube (most without sound) clearly informs me that Bakugan involves a bunch of kids (struggling through life like preteens do) who call upon supernatural powers - many of which appear as their own personal dragons.

Not something I really want my kids growing up with, I must say.

(The less anonymous) Patrick

Chris said...


Thank you for the encouraging post. Your right, there is a lot of supernatural entertainment going on in the world today. TV, movies, video games, and children's games. Which makes it look innocent. Where I believe that it is Satan's way of desensitizing our children AND parents to the hidden dangers. Thanks again and spread the word.


Anonymous said...

I just want to point out that the comments made about the Da Vinci Code were not entirely true. Jesus Christ was still considered holy, however, it was pointed out that he was a man, and still had tendencies that made him man, therefore, resulting in his marriage and child. That's all I wanted to say about that.

I don't like Bakugan, but seriously, it's just a cartoon. Anyone looking further into that, is honestly trying to stir things up. A child isn't going to see any hidden (if any) messages in that game, because they're not looking for it. It's also like saying wishing to have superpowers is evil. Maybe as adults, because we know the word of the Lord, and we know better. But kids have imaginations, and there's nothing wrong with that. I loved Pokemon as a kid, and yet, I never saw ANYTHING demonic in it. I still go to church, and I believe in Jesus, but I am very open minded when it comes to entertainment. That's all it is.

Anonymous said...

My son has begged me every month for the last year and a half to buy him bakugan toys. I would when I could. His desire was becoming insatiable. It was never enough. Like his life depended on these toys. After an episode that he couldn't find the toy he wanted to purchase he became, well, unlike himself. His behavior was erratice like he had a demon. During this episode, he spoke to his grandfather and told him that I was threatening him with a knife. Yes. A LIE!!! He was corrected, forced to apologize for the lie. I made him collect all of his bakugans, 34, and cards, etc. and though them out immediately. I also annointed his head and tongue. His behavior immediately improved.
These toys, are malice filled, and had my child almost possessed. If these toys are in your home. dispose of them immediately for the sake your children and household!

Paul said...


Thank you so much for the research. My 10 year old has asked previously about Bakugan and I had done some research for several years ago and he accepted it and has stood up to his peers in school (Christian school) about playing it. he recently asked again if he could play it and I told him that I would check into it and see if anything had changed since then. I appreciate the timeliness of your research and will be reviewing your information with him this evening.

In refernce to the post above stating that you should spend your time more wisely? I respectfully disagree completely and truly believe that while Satan definitely attacks us he really desires our children nd knows he can get to them through parents (even Christian parents) that don't have the time to research the toys their kids play with.

Lastly, could you please address the claims of the poster from July 4th? The information on Christ is incorrect and the last paragraph sounds exactly like what Satan would want to convince so many about, i.e. games are just games and thats it. I use to believe that...when I was a juvenile and wanted to play the games!!! Since receiving Christ and reflecting on my younger years I better understand what an affect the games we played, music we listened to and movies we watched affected our behavior.

Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to work through you and edify us!

Chris said...

Thanks Paul for the encouraging comment. As children, and into our teenage years, our discernment is poor to say the least. I see the same with Christians who are still sipping milk doctrinally. This appears to be the case with the July 4th poster you refer to. The church growth movement (ie: Willow Creek and Purpose Driven models) doesn’t allow for one to grow because of all the programs, busy-ness and topical sermons on how to be a better you. As a result, their discernment is still that of a child. They don't see the harm in the occult message, or the promiscuous lifestyle portrayed on TV and in the movies (I’m pointing at my former self, so I know). So if Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous from July 4th believes that Jesus married and had a child then they are obviously don’t read their Bible and put their faith in a Dan Brown movie. He says he believes in Jesus, and that he’s open minded about entertainment. Well, Satan and his demons believe in Jesus, and are very open-minded about entertainment; in fact they don’t care if you believe in Jesus, just as long as it’s not the real Jesus who will judge all the earth. Thanks again Paul.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

How are you so sure that any religion is the truth? There are No books from 2000 years ago, at least none that are the truth. The Holy bible was put together by a bunch of greedy old men. I'm not saying your wrong. I looked into the Bakugan and your right as far as the names and associations. But, I must point out that every religion is based on extremely old traditions and with out evidence of this how can anyone truly know the truth? I believe in God always have always will. I'm not an evil . I like to think I am a good person, I try to help those who need help ect. Except for faith , how can you be so sure of a religion that started well before this country was founded. What proof is there? Like i said above, the Holy bible is not " Perfect proof ". Some would even say that Jesus was just A man although he was A very strong willed intelligent person with great ideas that the world of Roman law wasn't ready for. I wish there was proof so it would be easier for people like me to understand and agree with.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say??
Also, I agree with what you said about the demonic representations. They are everywhere today. I'm A firm believer in the fact that A underground gov. runs the world behind closed doors, unfortunately! It is so obvious!
Godspeed !!

Anonymous said...

Im am a child therapeut and are having problems with a child seeing monsters ect. By further infestigation I'd found that the child is addicted to the game Bakugan. This game has effected his ability to think and function normally, and keep him from sleeping normal. Because of this he is also on anti depressants and stimulants, to help him function at school. i feel so sorry for children who's parents do not believe in occult and witchcraft, but in tablets for a problem child.

Chris said...

Thank you for the genuine comment. It seems as if you are indeed are searching, so I’m being serious when I answer you and/or ask a question. I will start by asking you some don't have to reply if you don't want to. But please do if you have more questions. I’m not as concerned about the secondary issues for now, but would like to know who these “greedy men” were that wrote the Bible. Most of the authors were killed in horrible ways because of what they believed and wrote. You say you can’t believe something that happened way before this country was founded. Would you rather follow something that was made up in the last 200 years instead? Oh…I don’t know the religion of Evolution. Again…secondary issue but many will follow Darwin who said that if the single cell is complex then his theory is gone. We now know it is very complex, yet millions follow this “religion” in order to suppress what they already know….and that is that there is a God. You say you already believe, so what you need to do is figure out which God is correct. Is it Allah, Buddha, the god of the Jews or one of the many made up Hindu gods? Is it the mysterious god of the new age mystical religions? Or is it the God of Christianity? Or is it none of the above. They all can’t be true…they contradict each other…they all believe different things in order to reach Heaven….it’s either one or none.

So in your case as a believer, you need to see which is right. How can you know? There is an element of faith here, but there is a quick answer. All of the religions I mentioned before Christianity tell you what YOU must do to be saved. The Bible teaches of Jesus Christ (God in human flesh) living a sinless life to be the perfect (God and man) sacrifice for yours and my sins. When you repent of those sins and trust Jesus as your savior you will have eternal life with Him. The other religions can’t do anything for your heart that is wicked…the evil thoughts that we have. The lying, stealing and lusting we do. Your conscience will tell you that you are guilty of sin…we are not good people. Yes some are better than others in man’s eyes, but even our righteous deeds are as filthy rags to God, we ALL have fallen short of God’s glory and deserve Hell, and God can’t be with sin/evil, so we have to have a representative…a substitute to pay our price so we can be seen as perfect and sinless. One who lived the sinless life, One who was put to death and One who defeated death. We can’t do anything. We can’t earn our way. Jesus did it, and those who truly repent and trust in the Savior will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and those who don’t will get the justice they deserve. So I would say to cry out for mercy to the only good God, and admit you’re not good, and need a savior and he will save you and reveal to you the truth. It will all make sense then, and you will see that there is such thing as FALSE religion that is a counterfeit from the father of lies. On a side note the Bible can be proven from history, archaeological evidence found today, and most importantly, it has one theme written by many authors over thousands of years and is without error. Yes people say there are contradictions, but they ALL have been answered. For more on this click on and you can find all kinds of answers to these supposed errors and contradictions. But the most important part, you need to figure out how you are going to pay for your sins. By yourself or through the blood of Jesus Christ?



Anonymous said...

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your research. In quest of establishing a muster seed of faith for my nephew so that he may confidently know the Truth of GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

My family and I experienced first hand the deceit of the Bakugan demons. My 8 year old nephew was the prey. This was the unholy consequence of playing a very dangerous game.

Power in prayer with numbers and love conquers all.

Parents please beware these blassphemes games will unlock doors that should not be opened.

It does not matter how long the child has been playing or watching; whether it be 4 years or a day.

FYI after Harry Potter, all of sudden during the Christmas holidays the child wrote cursive and spoke latin.

With a humbled heart I will be reverent in prayer for all of you.

GOD Bless,

T>T said...

Chris, Good Post And A Great job! God Bless,I will bookmark the blog and suggest it to others as well. I too had a blog that did much of the same thing here,each gift of understanding is directed to those who need to see it and as long as we are obeying God in all we do we can't go wrong.

Chris said...


Amen! Thank you for the encouragement!


Anonymous said...

hey, ding dong doops bakugan is good not evil, you will not go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the fact that your 9 year old son has a BB gun pretty much contradicts everything you're talking about. you claim to be doing "good" by telling people to not let their kids play with harmless toys (yes, i mean bakugan), but you let your kid play with a BB gun and i quote "destroy them in various ways". i'm pretty sure thats more "evil" than playing with bakugan and watching anime. You'll find that letting a kid destroy things(whether or not they are disciplined) leads them to "evil" more than playing with "demonic toys". and another thing, not letting a kid have a proper childhood (and yeah, i do mean forcing choices on them) is also more likely to cause "evil".

Basically, you're looking too far into this and not paying attention to the obvious which is, in a nutshell, that intolerance and ignorance are "evil".

Chris said...

Dear Anonymous (Sept. 9th),

Thank you for your opinion. A) You like others do not get it. If you will read the beginning, I don't expect non-Christians to get it. Please read other comments for a fuller understanding that the occult symbolism in these type shows and games only desensitizes our kids and is a link to a darker culture that glorifies occult practices like witchcraft and paganism that are in direct opposition to Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian, the Bible teaches that you will mock this because you love the dark and hate the light (as I once did).

B) Are you a parent? If so do you just let your child do what he/she wants? Please answer this. Seriously....forcing choices??? On a 9 year old??? Do you really think they have the capacity to make wise choices??? To an extent a 9 year old should, but they still need us. Parenting is all about helping your child make wise choices. Otherwise they would walk out into the street and get killed if we didn't "force choices" on them. Again, as a Christian, the Bible teaches it's wise not to mess with the occult, which will lead to darker and darker activity and then to death. A death that could result in an eternity in Hell should that child not repent and trust Jesus Christ as his Savior. It's not the watching/playing Bakugan that does that, but it's the combination of that, plus countless hours of TV, movies, books that TEACH (not just entertain) our children a doctrine that is the opposite of what God teaches. The popular culture of today is dark and glorifies these things, and our kids gobble it up like candy and consequently live a Christ-less life which upon death they must face God. They will be judged according to their sins, and punished accordingly (as we all will). If these games/movies promote said sin, then why would I want my kid thinking it's cool? Satan is the deceiver, and he has deceived millions into thinking the occult is cool.

Also, we as parents will be judged on how we "forced choices" on our children, or "let them have a proper childhood" (ie: let them do what everyone else is doing). The Bible says narrow is the road to salvation and wide is the road to destruction. As for me and my family....we will take the narrow road.


PS: Please see the new video I just posted on demystifying the occult. I think it will help you understand where I am coming from. Please let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Austin and I'm 13 years of age. I've been a Christain for about 5 years now. I all so play bakugain. I see your point in all of this, but for real. It's a cartoon. Kids like me see this show and think it's cool and all, we know it as fiction. Nothing more. If any thing we get good from this, if you where to ask any kid who watches the show what it's about, they would say the main plot is good vs evil, and the good guys all ways win. This shows satin, (the bad guy) will all ways loose to God. And as far as the demonic symbols go, when I was a bit younger I use to draw like ALL the time. I would draw aliens, robots, and other si-fi/fanticy things. There where many things I would come up with nothing but my imagination, that you could say looked "demonic" I wasn't TRYING to make any demonic symbols or any thing, I didn't even know any. I just drew what I thoguht looked cool. And wernt really demonic, but some one TRYING to fined demonic meanings in my drawings probably could fined some thing. All so, if you would look at many of the bakugain and desighns on the cards, and if you where looking for christain symbols, you would fined many. Example: The bakugain 'Lars Lion' has a cross on there chest. I may be thinking of some other bakugain, I'm not very good with the're names. But there is a cross on one haha. All so, if you look on the cards in the show, the 6 points on the cards conecting all the worlds line up to be the star of David. There are many other symbol of Christ in the bakugain cartoon and toy line. All so, I have seen many comments on this about kids wanting more and more bakugain, like they need more or what ever. First of all, it's a collection. Right, kids like to collect stuff. I would know. Be sides, once you get some thing new and cool that you really want, after a while you get bored of it and you go looking a new toy. It has nothing to do with demons. The creators of bakugain arnt trying to turn kids into satin worshipers. It's all about the money. It's a cartoon and toy line, nothing more. And this is all so to the comments saying bakugain makes your child demonic. I have been collection bakugain for about a year and I am not demonic, or obbsest with the toys. I buy about one every 1 to 2 months. I do a ton of other things and I collect other things besides bakugain. My life does not revolve around the game. Any ways no offince but you're looking way to much into this. I don't see why people all ways look for the bad in things, and never the good. You never see any thing like "the good in bakugain" or any thing like that. That's all I have to say.