Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

Dear friends,

I am taking a hiatus from blogging for a short while.  A) my wife broke her arm and I am needed around the house instead of in front of the computer.  B) I am considering changing my focus.  I hope to start a new blog (or continue with this same one) that will focus on Christians and pop culture.  I hope to produce my own You Tube type videos and a newsletter at some point. I do covet your prayers for this little ministry, as I find much of the "visible" church in a free fall to be like the world.  Many see us as "Holier than Thou" when we point out such things, but we need to follow God's word not man's idea of what is right and wrong and pleasing to God.  Thank you for your support and prayers and Happy New Year to you all.  In the mean time, please check out the links to other discernment sites that I have provided.  See you soon.

In His service,


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