Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John Piper - The Completion of Redemption in Creation

Great analogy by John Piper on God's glory in Heaven. It's the last part of this short video that concerns me for many. The horror of those who think Jesus is a "Magic Genie" or those who are living their "BEST LIFE NOW" and how about those who "repeated a prayer" so they could have their "Get Out of Hell Free Card; yet did not repent. God is loving...yes, but he also knows the intentions of our hearts and has to judge those intentions. If we make up a Jesus to suite our needs, but don't read his word, don't make war with sin, or don't fellowship with other believers, then we are worshiping a false idol. We must come to the savior with a contrite heart, turn from our former selves and take up our cross daily and trust him. We don't stop sinning, but we battle it; make war against it as we are sanctified by God's grace. I didn't intend to preach tonight, but it just tears me up to see folks who claim Christ, but their actions and intentions would say otherwise.


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