Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John MacArthur Raps? Well...sort of.

Borrowed this from a Youtube site. The following is his description of the video. Thanks Yeehaw83! The video is another good warning against the false prophets of this world.
Hit it Johnny MAC!


Underground Christian Rap Artist Jovan Mackenzy with his Title track, "The Narrow Road." Preaching is by John MacArthur. To support Jovan go to his myspace and purchase his album. Because of his unique boldness in proclaiming the glorious gospel of our Lord, record labels have stayed away. So all support is greatly appreciated!

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Glenn said...

I agree wih all of what John MacArthur says here, but his actions show that he is amoung those that God knows not! 1 Cor 14 has a very severe warning for those who ignore the gathering commands. I've read this a hundred times but can come to no other conclusion: The men who cut their gatherings off from the power of the Holy Spirit with their wise sounding greek homilys, their wise sounding earthly sermons are the men who have a form of Godliness, but deny God's power!

We can deny God by the way we live!

May God Bless Your Ministy