Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do What Thou Wilt...The Oldest Lie.

Genesis 3:5 The deception begins....

Fast forward to 2009....It is now being played out on the pop culture stage and our children are in the audience.

He is devouring multitudes with the message that you can do what you want without consequences. That is why our society is in the shape it is in. Take note of the references to "Christ consciousness" which is the false christ the new age movement has invented....that the christ is inside YOU....YOU are in charge...."do what YOU want, if it feels good" "you got to believe in YOURself" "go with YOUR heart", but the Bible says the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can trust it. Again, Genesis 3:5. The lie is as old as time. Beware of today's man-centered preaching that teaches "YOUR best life now". Don't fall for it, and have Jesus say to you on that day...depart from me I never knew you. The Bible does not teach MY will be done it's THY will be done. The road is narrow and few will find it. Think about this when your making music and entertainment choices.


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