Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ten reasons NOT to ask Jesus into your heart.

Here are 10 reasons why we should watch out how we present the Gospel these days. This is what I was taught growing up, as many of you were. We need to teach repentance and faith.


Ten reasons NOT to ask Jesus into your heart.

By Todd Friel

The music weeps, the preacher pleads, “Give your heart to Jesus. You have a God shaped hole in your heart and only Jesus can fill it.” Dozens, hundreds or thousands of people who want to get their spiritual life on track make their way to the altar. They ask Jesus into their heart.
Cut to three months later. Nobody has seen our new convert in church. The follow up committee calls him and encourages him to attend a Bible study, but to no avail. We label him a backslider and get ready for the next outreach event.

Our beloved child lies in her snuggly warm bed and says, “Yes, Daddy. I want to ask Jesus into my heart.” You lead her in “the prayer” and hope that it sticks. You spend the next ten years questioning if she really, really meant it. Puberty hits and the answer reveals itself. She backslides. We spend the next ten years praying that she will come to her senses.

Telling someone to ask Jesus into their hearts has a very typical result, backsliding. the Bible says that a person who is soundly saved puts his hand to the plow and does not look back because he is fit for service. In other words, a true convert cannot backslide. If a person backslides, he never slid forward in the first place. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.” (II Cor.5) No backsliding there.

Brace yourself for this one: with very few if any exceptions, anyone who asked Jesus into their hearts to be saved…is not. If you asked Jesus into your heart because you were told that is what you have to do to become a Christian, you were mis-informed.

If you have ever told someone to ask Jesus into their heart (like I have), you produced a false convert. Here is why.

1. It is not in the Bible.

There is not a single verse that even hints we should say a prayer inviting Jesus into our hearts. Some use Rev. 3:20. To tell us that Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts begging to come in.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” There are two reasons that interpretation is wrong.

The context tells us that the door Jesus is knocking on is the door of the church, not the human heart. Jesus is not knocking to enter someone’s heart but to have fellowship with His church.
Even if the context didn’t tell us this, we would be forcing a meaning into the text (eisegesis). How do we know it is our heart he is knocking at? Why not our car door? How do we know he isn’t knocking on our foot? To suggest that he is knocking on the door of our heart is superimposing a meaning on the text that simply does not exist.

The Bible does not instruct us to ask Jesus into our heart. This alone should resolve the issue, nevertheless, here are nine more reasons.

2. Asking Jesus into your heart is a saying that makes no sense.

What does it mean to ask Jesus into your heart? If I say the right incantation will He somehow enter my heart? Is it literal? Does He reside in the upper or lower ventricle? Is this a metaphysical experience? Is it figurative? If it is, what exactly does it mean? While I am certain that most adults cannot articulate its meaning, I am certain that no child can explain it. Pastor Dennis Rokser reminds us that little children think literally and can easily be confused (or frightened) at the prospect of asking Jesus into their heart.

3. In order to be saved, a man must repent (Acts 2:38).Asking Jesus into your heart leaves out the requirement of repentance.

4. In order to be saved, a man must trust in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31).
Asking Jesus into your heart leaves out the requirement of faith.

Click here for the remaining six...

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Jackson's REAL cause of death! [OFFICIAL]

We can only hope that Michael Jackson did indeed repent and trust Jesus Christ as his Savior. We are not his judge. The point of this video is that we will all die and we do not know when. Only God knows that day and hour. Then we will have to face Him and give an account. The BIG QUESTION is...Are we ready? Don't put it off another minute. Michael went to sleep and never woke up. A teen ran off the road last night...died at the scene. A man went to work this morning... and didn't come home that evening. Think about it...


Not sure you are saved or just don't understand what being we mean...saved from what?
See the resources at the top of the page.

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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello All,

Please take the time to read a very important breakdown of 1st John 4:1 on testing the spirits by Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries. I'm afraid that far too many of us do not do this and can be lead down any and every road, but the straight and narrow. I was the epitome of this in years past, having followed, read, did "Bible studies" name it, I did it and thought it was legit because they talked about Jesus some and occasionally used a Bible verse. As you will see this is does not always make it the real deal. The demons will acknowledge Jesus and can quote scripture. Please listen to Scripture on this very important topic.



Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

Reality Check: Do Not Just Believe Everything You Hear About God

Truthfully—if I might be allowed that term—the only way we will have any real effect on those around us in pagan postmodern America, and in helping our young people see through this smokescreen of relativism, is to pray fervently for the Lord to help us. Frankly nothing else we do will be of much use without seeking God in prayer, because we cannot convert anyone, no matter how brilliant we may think we are; and no matter how much we personally believe with all our heart that our cherished opinions are true.

This critical lack of proper Biblical understanding is exactly what’s missing in the man-centered pragmatism of the whole seeker sensitive Church Growth Movement, and particularly in the warped Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism central to the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—currently morphing into Emergence Christianity—(EC), which people tend to forget is itself an off-shoot of that Church Growth Movement.

And from where I sit the Purpose Driven Church ala Rick Warren and the EC ala Rob Bell have been allowed by Christ into His visible church as 1 Peter 4:17 judgments for our being content in attempting to do a spiritual job by our own natural means. Anyone who reads the Gospels and the Book of Acts should come away with the incontrovertible fact that it is God the Holy Spirit Who’s the One Who convicting of sin, and being the Source of power for the supernatural life of the Christian; it’s also God the Holy Spirit Who is actually the One to convert someone to Christ.

Our text undoubtedly tells us do not believe every spirit, which is why as a Christian I must then test the spirits; whether I want to do this or not. Which brings us to the other thing we had best be doing as this spiritual darkness grows, and that is to really learn how to handle the Sword of the Spirit—which is the Word of God. Just like our Master Christ Jesus did, we need to let those around us know what God has said. Just as we hear our Lord say in Matthew 4:4, now it’s our time to tell others — “It is written.” And more importantly the time has now arrived where we ourselves must do what is written.

Click here for entire article.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do What Thou Wilt...The Oldest Lie.

Genesis 3:5 The deception begins....

Fast forward to 2009....It is now being played out on the pop culture stage and our children are in the audience.

He is devouring multitudes with the message that you can do what you want without consequences. That is why our society is in the shape it is in. Take note of the references to "Christ consciousness" which is the false christ the new age movement has invented....that the christ is inside YOU....YOU are in charge...."do what YOU want, if it feels good" "you got to believe in YOURself" "go with YOUR heart", but the Bible says the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can trust it. Again, Genesis 3:5. The lie is as old as time. Beware of today's man-centered preaching that teaches "YOUR best life now". Don't fall for it, and have Jesus say to you on that day...depart from me I never knew you. The Bible does not teach MY will be done it's THY will be done. The road is narrow and few will find it. Think about this when your making music and entertainment choices.


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Do Christians understand the occult? What about Twilight, Harry Potter?

I honestly don't think most Christians understand the danger of the occult themes in our entertainment. "Oh, it's just a movie..." "He's a "good" vampire...." Well, even MTV (which is from the pit itself) has even acknowledged that this type of entertainment has some very real consequences.
Please take the time to read Pastor Joe Schimmel from the Good Fight ministries Biblical take on this issue.


Twilight, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and the Wiccan Revival
By: Pastor Joe Schimmel
Good Fight Ministries
"Wicca is one of the fastest-growing religions in the United States." —MTV News
Is it true that media blockbusters like Twilight and Harry Potter are playing a decided role in seducing young people into Satanism and witchcraft? As we shall see, even MTV has acknowledged that such movies have played a surprising role in making Wicca [witchcraft] one of the fastest growing religions in America.
Twilight, a series of novels authored by Mormon, Stephenie Meyer, reveals that she may have had some help from at least one “terrifying” spirit guide. With the second novel ready to hit the silver screen, Twilight is now bigger than “Pottermania” and has successfully deceived millions of America’s youth. The fan base is made up of predominantly young girls, who have been drawn into the dark tale by a romance between a 108-year-old vampire (who appears much younger because he doesn’t show his years) named Edward, and a teenage girl named Bella. Beyond the apparent pedophilic problems that this “romance” poses, Twilight is riddled with unbiblical themes that glamorize and glorify the occult.

One such theme involves the perverted occult concept of an incubus. According to Satanists, an incubus is believed to be a dark supernatural entity that is able to manifest itself and engage in sexual relations with a woman. Clearly, these are hardly the kinds of themes that God wants His children fantasizing about or glorifying.
While Edward’s age and nature would seem to raise major red flags, such concerns are thrown to the wind by the undiscerning as Meyer spins Edward’s vampire “coven” in the most positive light. While Edward and his coven are depicted as vampires in every way, from loving darkness and hating the light and possessing various diabolical abilities like extrasensory perception and automatic writing, Meyer portrays them as good-hearted and trustworthy demons, deep down. You see, even though Edward and his vampire “coven” readily drink the blood of animals… purportedly, with some self-control, they are able to resist drinking the blood of humans. However, God repeatedly forbids the occult practice of drinking any kind of blood, as the following scriptures from both the Old and New Testament attest:
"Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.” –Genesis 9:4
"For as for the life of all flesh, its blood is identified with its life. Therefore I said to the sons of Israel, ‘You are not to eat the blood of any flesh, for the life of all flesh is its blood; whoever eats it shall be cut off.” –Leviticus 17:14
"Only you shall not eat the blood; you are to pour it out on the ground like water…” –Deuteronomy 12:16
"Only be sure not to eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh.” –Deuteronomy 12:23
“But that we write to them that they abstain from things contaminated by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.” –Acts 15:20

Throughout the Twilight series, Edward and his coven are portrayed in the most heroic fashion as they fight on behalf of humans and battle their evil, blood sucking counterparts. There are, however, some complications that Edward and Bella’s relationship pose… beyond their huge age differences, they must deal with Edward’s diabolical nature. Edward must fight and overcome his own perverse and insatiable lust to drain and drink Bella’s blood. Thus, Edward is depicted as a noble vampire who, though dangerous, loves humanity and wants to overcome his demons. Herein lies the danger, in a time wherein good is being called evil and evil is being called good (Isaiah 5:20), America is being fed a steady diet of occultism as Satan parades his latest occult fare via the “beautiful side of evil.”
Satan Plays Good Cop-Bad Cop
Vampirism is rooted in occult lore and vampires are thought to be the physical manifestations of diabolically empowered entities, sometimes called the “undead”. Twilight taps into the seductive, but delusional, occult theme that there are both good and bad demons and that a relationship with the right occult entities can help one ward off the really bad demons. Twilight is especially huge among many Wiccans and neo-pagans because of its occult themes and due to the positive PR it gives to the idea of “good” witches and “good” covens. MTV News, in a story they did on the revival of Wicca, states,
Tragically, many Wiccans have been deceived into believing they can have relationships with “good” spirits and cast “good” spells, when in reality, they have opened the door to demonic oppression and even demon possession. After many Wiccans open the door to the demonic realm, they are then taught that they can use counter spells to summon “good” spirits to protect them from evil spirits. This device has been effectively utilized by Satan to delude the prospective Wiccan by promising power, while enslaving them to an occult construct. Sadly, the vampire, Edward, is cast as a romantic supernatural hero, whose net affect in the real world gives ample fuel to the occult lie that there are “good” dark spirits.
Many Wiccans, sadly, never come to realize that Satan is running a “good cop, bad cop” con game, or in their case, “good demon, bad demon” as though one can be played against the other. God has revealed in His Word that spirits contacted by occult means are evil and part and parcel of Satan’s original rebellion (Ephesians 6:10-12). God’s Word is saturated with categorical warnings against all forms of the occult, including astrology, sorcery, divination, magic and witchcraft. (Gen. 3:1-6; Ex. 22:18; Lev.19:26, 31-32, 20:6, 27; Deut.18:10-12; 1 Sam.15:23a; 2 Kings 21:6, 23:24; I Chron.10:13; Isa. 2:6, 8:19-20, 19:3, 47:13-14; Ez.13:20-23; Dan.2:27-28, 5:15-17; Mal. 3:5; Acts 13:7-10a, 16:16-18, 19:19; Gal. 5:19-20; Rev 9:19-21, 21:8, 22:15, etc.)
The following admonition that God gave through the prophet Moses prohibits much of what is practiced today by many neo-pagans:
“Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God.” –Deuteronomy 18:10-13
Hollywood and the Wiccan Revival
The incredibly sharp increase of young people identifying themselves as neo-pagans and Wiccans in the last decade is largely a result of media propagandizing and the glorification of occult themes in Hollywood. Hollywood has a long history of providing fuel for the lie that there are both “good” and “bad” witches. The alliterative words from the Wizard of Oz, “Ding, Dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead!” imply that there are also “good” witches. Of course, in the Wizard of Oz, children learned that while there are wicked witches, there are also good witches like the “Good Witch of the North.”

In recent years, Hollywood has targeted our youth through a long parade of subversive occult productions. Beyond the first two installments of Twilight and a seemingly endless procession of Harry Potter movies, other titles include The Craft, Practical Magic, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Wizards of Waverly Place, and the list goes on and on. Such movies, along with popular cartoons and music glorifying the occult, have been powerful weapons in Satan’s arsenal and used as evangelistic tools to seduce our impressionable youth into his kingdom, from the crib to the grave! Please click here for entire article.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Do Christian Leaders Understand The Contemplative Prayer Movement?

The main reason I have such a concern about the "New Age spirituality", is the practices that are becoming accepted within the Evangelical church. As a result we have a hodge-podge of beliefs that stray far from biblical truths and can lead to a belief in a false "christ". If a person has the wrong Jesus, then they have only made a false idol to suite their spiritual needs. Many of today's "Christian" leaders have either fallen prey to the wolf or are wolves themselves and teach a false brand of Christianity that is rooted in this stuff. Many good pastors may suggest material from some of these teachers not fully understanding the depth of the problem which often starts with Contemplative prayer. The following is an in depth article (along with great links) on the subject by Christopher Lawson from the Spiritual Research Network Please alert pastors and friends about this trend that is creating a false Jesus and preying on new believers or those searching for the Truth.

Friends, some 40% of the New Testament is dedicated to warning of false is the primary focus of this website. Please take heed to what Jesus himself warned...For many shall come in My name.


Do Christian Leaders Understand The Contemplative Prayer Movement?

Do Christian leaders understand the dangers of the Contemplative Prayer - Contemplative Spirituality [Spiritual Formation] movement? It appears that countless numbers of them do not. Countless others do not seem to care and others are hostile to those who expose the dangers of this so-called, ancient-future spirituality.

Contemplative Spirituality can be clearly defined this way:

Contemplative Spirituality: A belief system that uses ancient mystical practices to induce altered states of consciousness (the silence) and is rooted in mysticism and the occult but often wrapped in Christian terminology. The premise of contemplative spirituality is pantheistic (God is all) and panentheistic (God is in all). []

The concern that has motivated the writing of this article stems from the fact that many Christian leaders are ignorantly engaging in and outright promoting this dangerous spiritual method. The core of this methodology, which can lead to extreme spiritual hazards, is meditative, contemplative - centering prayer. In light of this, vast volumes of contemplative promoting literature is being gobbled up by undiscerning Christians. This fact alone shouts forth with clarity that the missing jewel in the 21st Century Church is biblical discernment. The following examples and citations serve to show the incredible lack of discernment showing forth in the Church today.


The 2008 National Pastors Convention, which was brought to you by: Zondervan and InterVarsity Press, also had Presenting Sponsors: Vida, World Vision and The purpose of the 2008 National Pastors Convention was stated in their banner sentence for the convention:

nourish your soul. engage your mind. connect in meaningful conversation

[Zondervan links to the 2008 National Pastors Convention are no longer active]

Along with the Christian Yoga classes which will be [were] offered by Shelly Pagitt (Wife of Doug Pagitt from Solomon’s Porch) at this “Pastor’s Convention”, people had the opportunity to attend the National Pastor’s Retreat. The link to the National Pastors Retreats page informed Church leaders that they could “Experience a Deeper Connection with God” by attending this overnight retreat. According to the advertisements, the main speakers for this retreat were Joe Sherman and Ruth Haley Barton.

Click here for entire article

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