Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hells Best Kept Secret

Well, it's summer and life is busier and the activities get later....I have so many intentions for the blog that I just can't seem to find time to do. I apologize.

In the mean time....I plead with anyone who has not heard Hell's Best Kept Secret please make the time to listen to it. This is one of two sermons that woke me up. And if you have or once you have heard it, please forward it to everyone you know, or send them the link to (where this can be downloaded for free). Then encourage them to do the same. This message must be heard. So many will perish because they have a false conversion thanks to todays weak gospel lite message. As my pastor called it "cotton candy Christianity". We MUST have a proper understanding of our depravity and repentance. There is no such thing as a carnal Christian. I beg you to listen and share.


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Elmanjaggo said...

Ray's "True and False Conversions" was critical to my conversion. He simply said, "If you plan for sin, your not a Christian". I may not agree with Ray's theology, but his message is clearly needed to wake people up. The "decisions" approach , rather than "Law and Gospel" has greatly affected this country. A decision can be the begining of a journey, but teaching people that they are saved without any spiritual evidence of conversion is a great danger. It is the difference between fiduciary faith and a true faith showing santification in one's life.

Chris Shanks said...

I couldn't agree more....I have major problems with the "God shaped hole" and "________ made a decision for Christ today" As Todd Friel said this weekend at the Creation Museum/Wretched Radio event...That's like going to a private country club with golf clubs in hand and telling the manager that "I'll be teeing off at 3:00 today" You can't do must genuinely repent first and then He will Accept YOU. Then you are immediately justified in the eyes of God. Then the process of sanctification begins.

Elmanjaggo said...

I would add that God provides us (everyone)the grace of (Short or Long) regeneration to bring us to a state of true repentence. In which we are justified and begin the process of sanctification.

Anonymous said...

Repent, turn, and trust the Savior.

Elmanjaggo said...

Dear Anonymous,

The point of the thread was simply the focus on regeneration of the sinners to lead them to an understanding of being able to truly Repent (The Why)To truly repent handles the Turn and the trust. Being able to truly repent means all three. The teachings that lead one through regeneration are the Word and the example of our behaviour as Christians. I really don't have an issue with decision theology as a begining. Where it fails is where it teaches someone they are saved. Our job as Christians is to do God's work in regeneration bringing people to belief. It is then between God and the individual for a true act of repentance and saving (Sanctifying )grace. We continue our work as called to help each other sanctify without aboslute knowledge (Though the Lord will provide us evidence) of whether they are regenerating or sanctifying. In Catholic Theology, it describes both ends of this as conversion a process that never ends in this life. Internal Conversion is taught as being in a sanctifying relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I feel folks like Todd Friel make some huge mistakes calling children unregenerate sinners even when they joke. (They are God's creations entrusted to use to be examples of Christ to them. They are regenerating sinners trusted to the parents and the Church to be raised in the faith.

Anonymous said...

Decisional Theology - Man decides he will start a relationship with God? I thought the bible refers hundreds of times to God doing the calling? Man can call himself to God? Sounds like works and is not very reverent of God. God does the calling and regenerating. We don't decide to move towards him without it.

Taking a shot at Todd Friel is no more disrepectful then making assumptions that you can do God's work for Him (saving yourself or regeneration). I appreciate your opinion but I think you are a bit harsh with the guy. He just has a difference of theology then you. Understand, the entire reformed theology would agree with Todd. What are kids...innocent? You are either a child of God or a child of the devil. How do you know they are regenerating? That would mean they all go to heaven? Are any of these children not regenerating?

Elmanjaggo said...

Dear Anonymous,

I don't think that even people who understand Decisional Theology would agree with your understanding of what they are doing. No Christian denomination would state that man is capable of starting the relationship. I was simply agreeing with their effort to share the Gospel. I am sure we both agree that we are to evangelize. That evangelization is not a work of our own credit but one brought forth by God using us as instruments. That being said, I believe it to be far more offensive to think we can get to heaven based on our own merit than disagreeing with Todd Friel's view of children. Getting to heaven on our own merit is a heresy. Disagreeing with Todd is not.

On Todd,

If you can distinctively say that all Reformed Theology would agree with Todd. Than I will cease on the subject. As I have said before on posts, I do not wish to muddy the waters of the purpose of this site on matters of what you would consider to be infallible doctrine.

The only respect owed is that Todd is a unique creation of God's and whatever truth he speaks in Christ's name. I consider him a brother in Christ and do not believe I am taking a shot at him when I say there is a difference of opinion and the other person is making a mistake that could be harmful. I say this knowing first that I cannot be absolutely certain of God's will without the possibilty of error nor can he.