Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Battle for Your Mind and Soul. (ThePop Culture and the Christian) Pt. 1

Okay, we now know how the New Age Spirituality came to America (for new viewers see the documentary "God's of the New Age" by clicking here and how it attacks the very heart of Christianity. Now I want to show how the New Age is connected to the Occult and in fact from the same source.

Here is a clip from the documentary "They sold their souls for Rock and Roll". It's a sometimes graphic, yet Christian documentary from 2003 exposing the music industry for what it is....a satanic tool to influence our and our children's minds in ways that are opposite of biblical truth.

Note what books, resources and activities Crowley was involved with (Buddhism, Eastern Mysticism, Yoga) and you'll see a connection to the New Age Spirituality.

Stay tuned for the full documentary. I promise after seeing it, you will understand that these musicians are not just "an act" to sell records. You will see how these New Age practices opened up a dark demonic world that leads to death.

But ask yourself...How much did/does music influence your thinking while growing up?
How many times do you find yourself singing every word to a song without pondering it's meaning?

It wasn't easy getting rid of years of collected music. Music influenced me greatly on how I lived as a teen and young adult. I learned to "Do what you want" and "You're in charge, not God". Much the same as the serpent was telling Eve way back in Genesis 3. There really is nothing new under the sun, it's just been packaged in many different ways through out the centuries. The serpent wants to take as many with him as possible, and he uses pop culture. We are going to take a serious look at music, movies, T.V. and video games from God's point of view in the next several weeks. I know this will be an eye opener for many as it was for me.


PS: Be thinking about Guitar Hero, Rock Band and how they can have the same influence (and maybe more since they "practice" this game over and over) on our kids as you watch this video and the documentary.

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