Monday, March 16, 2009

Seeing is believing. Pt. 1 (Sex Starved Church?)

There is so much absurdity going on in our so called churches today. The only way to believe it is to see it. I follow several blogs daily that keep up with these atrocities and before I started blogging about what's going on around the country, my friends would not believe me.

I am working on several comprehensive posts that will show what's going on in our supposed evangelical churches that embrace the pragmatic approach to church growth. Some of the things going on may seem benign compared to the moral free fall the world is in. But think back just 5-10 years ago and the things you'll see below were unheard of in a Bible believing church.

This is the result of years of "Seeker sensitivity", "Easy Believism" and the idea of "Carnal Christianity", instead of preaching of the whole Gospel, and proper biblical discipleship.

Pastors like Rick Warren, Robert Schuller and Bill Hybells chose to take surveys from the unregenerate to see what it would take to get them to church. Well naturally, they would want church to be more like the world. Now some twenty years later we have this and other entertainment. So, since the world is so "sex starved" and much of the church wants to appear like the world, I will start here.


A special thanks to A Little for compiling these videos. If you haven't been to this site, check it out, you won't believe your eyes when taking a tour of the Museum of Idolatry.

Here's another ad from Wisconsin.
ThankgodforsexGreat Lakes Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin has replaced the offense of the cross and the Gospel message that Christ died for our sins with the offense of sex and porn talk and the elementary school where they were meeting threw them out. (How sad is it when unbelievers 'get it' but these seeker-driven goat herders don't?)
Is this a case of Christian persecution? Absolutely NOT! But if you're concerned that Great Lakes Church will not have a venue to preach their gospel of 'great sex', don't worry. GLC found a movie theater that will allow them to worship their sex god. That's appropriate since Great Lakes Church is rated R.

Direct link to the full page of examples of this kind of stuff in our churches.

Sex church? This is one of the biggest churches in America that operates under the Purpose driven/Willow Creek model. Thanks guys, for being so much like the world that no one will know the difference. Aren't we supposed to be a peculiar people?

Youth group Sexed series? Granted this particular sermon was warning teens to stay away from Cosmo and the like, but do we really need this kind teaser to get kids to listen? It's defeating the point.

Seeing is believing. Stay tuned later this week to see the childish pastors and youth leaders who act more like Johnny Knoxville instead of one who is called to shepherd our children.


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