Friday, March 20, 2009

Seeing is believing Pt. 4 (Violence and Cursing for church announcements? really)

Okay, I'm almost done making my point that well intentioned or not, the seeker church has a low view of God. Believe me there are thousands more where these came from. But here are the last two (for now anyway) that demonstrate how these churches are little more than entertainment for the masses. As Spurgeon once said, they're "Amusing the Goats". These two resort to violence and actually beeping out words during the church announcements. have to see it to believe it. And we wonder why God is taking His hand of protection away from America.

Please bear with me, I am trying to be systematic in my approach exposing issues with in the church. I will run a series of videos from a documentary called God's of the New Age, that show the history of the New Age spirituality and how it came from Eastern mysticism and the occult and how it's planned deception of Western Christianity came about. Lisa and I are watching it now and it will blow you away. Some of my Christian friends wonder why I get so uptight about "Christian Yoga", and certain types of mystical or centering prayers that are promoted within the church, this documentary will give an explanation. I'll give you a's NOT from God.


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