Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Battle for Your Mind then Soul. (Pop Culture) Pt. 2

"They sold their souls for Rock and Roll" pt. 1

****Sorry****Full length has been taken down....Please visit for clips from the documentary. You can search by Artist. This is a fantastic tool!


Here is a what Kirk Cameron had to say about the videos. “Joe Schimmel is a voice calling in the wilderness to prepare the way for the Lord. His passion for the lost is contagious and his teaching of the Word is eye-opening.”
“They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll’ is jaw-dropping. If you love any of the artists featured on this box, you can't afford not to watch the videos!"

And Ray Comfort said; “I not only count Joe Schimmel as a friend, but I greatly admire him for his amazing tenacity to expose a
culture that is destroying a generation.”

About Joe Schimmel

For over 20 years Pastor Joe Schimmel has been delivering the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation. His state-of-the-art multimedia seminar entitled "They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll" (formerly titled "Rock & Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution") has affected thousands of lives for positive spiritual growth, and is currently featured worldwide via major television and satellite broadcasts.

Joe Schimmel is also the senior pastor at Blessed Hope Chapel, an evangelical non-denominational fellowship in Simi Valley, California. He has held this position since the founding of the church in 1990. Blessed Hope Chapel is a vibrant, thriving church whose members seek to serve Jesus Christ through the knowledge of His Word, the edification of His Body, and the evangelization of the World.

For more on Joe Schimmel ministry and how to order this documentary and other products follow this link.
n the home page is an interesting article titled Heath Ledger's Darkest Night.
See how the Batman star spent his last days.

Also from his blog here is an interesting article on the new Britney Spears song that all the kids are singing. It is shocking to say the least. Click here. ***language ALERT*** not in a gratuitous way, but to point out what this disgusting song is about.

Many will disagree, but as you watch this, please consider what video games your children are playing. The Rock Star and Guitar Hero games have the same lyrics, and incredibly demonic images that are burned into your children's minds. These things will influence their attitude, their worldview and their mindset towards Christianity. Their eternity could depend on it.

If you find these videos as eye opening as I did, please send a link to friends, family and pastors to get the word out. Thank you so much.


They sold their souls for Rock and Roll part two.

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