Thursday, February 5, 2009

True Repentance part 2

Below is a reply from Wayne Dawg at regarding the previous post on repentance. I appreciate his comments very much, but more importantly it's what he said about the Holy Spirit aiding us in changing our ways. We're not responsible for changing our ways. God gets and deserves the glory. Apart from Him we can do nothing. I also want to emphasize what he said about " the fruit of repentance should be very obvious". We are not a Christian just because he said a "prayer" or "believes" in Jesus. There should be an obvious change about us. An obvious and lasting change. If it's real it will have roots. This is leading into the serious topic of Lordship salvation which I will be expanding on. -Chris

Great post!

"Lord, I'm done with that, I want to live YOU'RE way, not mine"? This does not mean perfection, the true believer will sin, but will grow in holiness through the process of God sanctifying us. In other words we should see a difference a week from now, a month from now, then a year from now. An upward climb, if you will. Yes, we do backslide, but I'm talking about over all seeing change from year to year."

This is exactly what I try to stress when I witness. It's a complete turning from sin (I like the upward climb analogy) and staying away from it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we do stumble, but the fruit of repentance should be very obvious.

A big thanks to Noiz from for having this video by Pastor Tim Conway available. I highly recommend his site and check out his testimony. -Chris

What is Biblical Repentance? - Ask Pastor Tim Conway from I'll Be Honest on Vimeo.

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