Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heresies of the Shack

We are revisiting The Shack in order to hit home why we MUST filter EVERYTHING through God's Word. Just because Eugene Peterson or Michael W. Smith says it's a great book doesn't mean that it is a theologically sound book. You ask; "Why doe's it matter? It still teaches about the love of God" It is a false God, that's why. Does the God of the Bible teach Universalism? That the Trinity is 3 separate Gods? That God does not punish sin? NO, NO and NO! There for this is a false God. It's subtle just like every other heretical teaching that Jesus and the New Testament writers warn us about time and time again. This video version from Crosstalk is so informative. Also see the written article in our archives for a biblical breakdown of the Shack.

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