Friday, February 27, 2009

The Dangers of the Emergent Church

In light of a couple of posts on the Emergent church and it's leaders, I want to re-post the video that exposes the problems of this postmodern movement.

Quick review:

Does the Bible teach Universalism? The emergents say yes.
Does the Bible support homosexuality or any other continued lifestyle of sin? The emergents do.
Is there such thing as truth? The emergents say it's relative.
Does Jesus say there is a Hell? The emergents say there is not.
Can you trust the Bibles inerrency? The emergents say no.
Did Jesus say to follow Hindu beliefs and do mystical contemplative prayers and Yoga or to empty our minds in order to have a relationship with God? The emergents do.

Yet leaders like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Marcus Borg, Tony Campollo and others continue to be promoted as trusted teachers in our churches. Please see lighthouse trails for greater detail on the Emergent Church.

The long version can be viewed by link that is embedded with in the video.

For more on this and other topics, see archives.

Please read "Don't trust a word I say" in the archives, for details on the beliefs of this ministry.

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